Sunday, November 27, 2011

Genetics: The Most Pathetic Excuse

Do genetics play a role in achieving the body of your dreams? Yes they do. However, the role they play is over exaggerated. Typically, lazy people use the excuse of poor genetics as the reason they aren't achieving their goals when in reality it's their poor diet and training style. When I first started working out, people told me to quit because my genetics sucked. Now, people tell me I look the way I do because I have amazing genetics. Ironic isn't it? I'm going to show you my transformation and prove to you that genetics play a miniscule role compared to hard work and dedication.

This is what I looked like before I touched a weight. People would describe me as "skinny fat" which is probably the worst possible scenario. I had no size yet I wasn't even close to being lean.

After 6 months of intense lifting and dieting, I made pretty good progress. I was still skinny but at least I was lean now.

After another year, I bulked up and made the mistake of getting too fat. Unfortunately, I didn't have the right information and regretted my decision to get this fat.

After another two years of bulking and cutting, I was finally approaching my goal physique.


From this point, I decided to do my first competition and this is how I looked.

I then bulked the correct way and looked like this.

After that, I decided to compete again and got the leanest I've ever been.

The goal of this post was to show you that with hard work, you can get the body you want. If you look at my first picture, you would say I have bad genetics. If you look at my last picture, you'd say I have good genetics. While genetics play a role in certain aspects, they should never be an excuse to not give it your best effort. Otherwise, you are selling yourself short.


Eric Desjarlais said...

Excellent progress there man. I plan to be in your shoes in the near future, currently 205 and 18% bf cutting to 10%bf and a year into lifting. It's amazing how far a bit of dedication will get a person. When people blame weight loss problems on genetics, I like to remind them that their bodies will metabolize their fat before they die lol

OoFaP said...

Good luck with your goals. Hopefully you can learn some helpful tips from me. People like to blame genetics so that when they are shoving their face with cheesecake it isn't their fault that they are fat. It's their genetics.

Ready2Succeed said...

Nice blog man! Im 17 years old and i barely started working out/going to the gym 2 weeks ago! that being said im a total beginner. I weigh 168 lbs (weighed 143 before quitting soccer, so i gained 25ish lbs of fat). I saw how successful you lose your fat and gained muscle can you give me some tips to guide me to the right direction. Thnaks man

legit blog!

OoFaP said...

Well if you just started working out you can probably get away with gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time. That's kind of what I did in the beginning. It's tough to tell without pictures, but if you look similar to how I did in my beginning picture, I would get on a routine similar to the one I wrote about in my article about beginner routines. As for diet, eat at 500 calories below maintenance and as for macros, you need to figure those out on your own. Check out my Diet article further down to help you out on that. If you are trying to bulk up, then eat 300 calories over maintenance but from the way you made it seem, you want to lose fat I think.

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